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habitual water conservation (work in progress - stay tuned!)

Side-Project in Progress

Spring 2017 | 5.5 weeks

Collaborative project by Grace Budgett, & Lilian Rasmussen

Grant from UW Campus Sustainability Fund in process for working prototype 

Cove visualizes real-time water consumption and tracks consumption history to help its user understand personal water use. This project seeks to help improve water conservation by integrating knowledge of water consumption patterns into our culture.

Being the first serious industrial design project I ever worked on, this one has a place near to my heart. I truly believe that habitual learning and small change can make a huge difference in the context of sustainability. My team for this project has grown, and it is still in the works. Contact me if you have any questions or thoughts

Per capita consumption in affluent regions is much higher than in other areas
in the world. 

People in these affluent areas need to be more aware of their personal water consumption, and water conservation should be taught habitually to ensure sustainability for future generations.

Users need an informative tool to help them understand their consumption patterns, so we looked at what exists on the market.

Thanks for your attention! More to come...