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The T1 Traveler 

traveling with type 1

Industrial Design Junior Studio

Spring 2018 | 9.5 weeks

Collaborative project by Grace Budgett, Perry Burke & Andie Neibling

Winner of the 2018 GRAY Magazine Design Award: Student Category

A holistic system design for type 1 diabetics on the go: a life-style travel case with temperature-controlled insulin capsule, tessellated package redesign, redesigned Medtronic packaging for user friendliness, and a companion app.

Inspired by seeing a friend with type 1 diabetes struggle to pack for a long trip abroad. We noticed that he took an additional backpack entirely for his diabetes supplies. This project won a Gray Magazine Design Award in 2018.


- traveler lifestyle case

- temperature-controlled insulin capsule

- Medtronic packaging redesign

- tessellated supply packaging

product system

- user onboarding

- supply calculator

- packing checklist

- pharmacy locator

- GPS locator

companion app



to design a protective case with a temp-controlled capsule for insulin that integrates with the objects people already have

75% more space,
to pack more things that matter.

The T1 Traveler case consolidates, protects & tracks supplies that are essential to life, while making room for additional meaningful items.

Capsule fits 3 vials of insulin safely. Internal padding and vacuum-insulated container gives the best seats to the star of the show.



 provide a user-friendly redesign of Medtronic's packaging, so
that supplies fit together more efficiently & beautifully

existing products & research

We visited a medical product sterilization facility to understand the parameters around sterilized blister packs.

The existing products are odd shapes with no correlation to each other, but they are effective in keeping the supplies sterilized.

blister pack generation & dimensional analysis

Blister packs were vacuum-formed over MDF molds using HDPE.



 pair the product system with a user-friendly app that
helps the user to pack in the most efficient way possible.

user packing experience

The most important function of the app is the packing assistant. This assisted process helps to calculate the amount of supplies the user should bring with them - taking into account the need for extra supplies.


The pharmacy locator helps the user feel more comfortable going to foreign cities with the knowledge that emergency supplies can be replenished at the local pharmacies.