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Tactile Internship

From June-September 2019, I worked as sole intern at Tactile, a Seattle/Boston based high-touch design consultancy that specializes in industrial and UX design. 

Over the course of those 4 months I contributed to at least 6 real projects for their clients, and was given tasks that would be given to a junior designer. Tactile's amazing team of industrial, UX, and graphic designers and mechanical engineers served as incredible mentors and took the time to help guide me and answer my questions. 

Industrial Design Internship

Summer 2019 | 4 months | 6+ projects

Independent and collaborative work

My tasks: research, problem framing, ideation, quick-fail prototyping, CMF sourcing + decision making, SolidWorks modeling, rendering, photography + planning, alpha phase development

"Understanding and forming relationships is the foundation for good design."

Available Work

Work I was engaged in that is already published or made available to the public. 

1. Milwaukee Digital Level Photoshoot
Planning & Direction

Milwaukee Project

An Abstraction

The UX designers that designed the digital interaction for the now award winning digital level that Tactile designer for Milwaukee Tools came to me early on in my internship for one of my first solo tasks. After showing me some sketches, I was tasked with creating a series of example images of abstracted real world constructions interacting with the level. 



Constructing "shadow" stencils, setting up mockups, testing colors and backgrounds, testing camera angles, determining how many and what type of lights to use, and establishing the challenges we would face during the professional shoot were all part of the process I was in charge of. 



Round 1 Attempts

First attempts involved a good amount of messiness and finesse. 

Color Edits

Quick color edits helped my team decide what color to take the finals images on. 

Final Composition

The final image taken by a studio photographer was featured on Tactile's website and as the cover photo for award announcements.

2020_1_16_Tactile_Milwuakee Photoshoot_s
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